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Duck Season Somewhere

Apr 5, 2021

Like gleaming gold nuggets to '49 boomtown miners, waterfowl leg bands are precious commodities coveted by some duck hunters. But to folks like Dr. Doug Osborne, these data points are a bonanza of much needed information.  Who is Doug Osborne, and why'd he start The Osborne Lab at University of Arkansas at Monticello? Why is waterfowl banding on the wintering grounds important, and how does it differ from late-summer banding in Canada?  How important are mallards to banding programs - and what's so special about hens? What're some cool things Osborne has seen along the way? Are flyways shifting westward? Why might we be seeing more ducks after hunting season?  Passionate about his waterfowl research, Osborne sheds light on some topics we hunters have been discussing among ourselves for years, and leaves me wondering about a few things that had not yet crossed my mind. Which is the whole point of great research.


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